Ebook Publishing: Is Clickbank right for me?

clickbankThere was a time, not long ago, when eBook publishing was seen to be something for authors who were not successful in the mainstream press. However, the constant improvement of on screen reading technology has led to an increase in the popularity of eBooks. There are many ecommerce systems that allow authors to publish their books. Clickbank is one of the top ecommerce systems that will allow you to sell your eBooks. Clickbank is a unique online marketplace that allows people to sell all types of digital products. Clickbank boasts of having millions of users from all over the world.

The pros of publishing on Clickbank

  1. There are no publishers or agents to convince

It can be very difficult to convince publishers and agents that your book is good enough to be put out there in the market. If they don’t think that it’s good enough, you may not be able to publish your book. When you are planning to publish you book on Clickbank, you should not worry about convincing agents and publishers.

  1. There are no retailers, distributors or other middlemen who will want a cut

When you are publishing your book the conventional way, distributors, retailers and other middle men who will help you put your book out there will want a cut. This will make your book more expensive and will decrease your profit margin. When you are selling on Clickbank, you will avoid all the middlemen who want to get a cut from the sale your book.

  1. There is no distribution, printing and warehousing costs

Printing, distribution and warehousing costs can be very high. All these cost will make your book more expensive. The more expensive your book is, the less likely that people are going to buy it. When you are publishing on Clickbank, you will be able to avoid all these costs. Your book will be much cheaper.

  1. Your book could be selling within a few days or weeks after competition

There are many things that need to be done after the completion of a book before you are able to make a sale the conventional way. It can take several months for you to sell you first copy. However, when you are selling it online on Clickbank, you could be able to sell your books just a few days after completion.

  1. You will be paid when you make $10 and above

You will receive payment when you make $10 or more. You will not be forced to wait until you make huge sales to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The cons of publishing on Clickbank

  1. You will required to pay a one-time activation fee

You will be required to pay a one-time activation fee of $49.95 to be able to sell your eBook on Clickbank.

  1. The customers can get instant refunds for any reason

The customers can get a refund after purchasing your book for any reason. This is disadvantageous to the authors because there are some customers who will ask for a refund for no good reason. You will not be able to make money when customers buy your book only to ask for a refund later on.